Responsible Gaming at Superwin India

The Superwin administration reminds all players of the importance of responsible gambling principles. We encourage users to abide by them in order to protect themselves from gambling addiction and financial problems. Remember that gambling is only entertainment. It should not be treated as a way to earn money or get additional income. The results of bets are highly dependent on luck. And even if the bet seems to you as safe as possible, you still risk losing it.

Every player who is addicted to betting on sports and gambling in casinos runs the risk of gambling addiction. Such people lose control over themselves. They get a steady desire to bet. As a result, they spend all their money on the game. Even those that are not ready to lose.

You must realize that there are no win-win strategies or tactics. No such strategy will help you win all the time. And even if you get lucky a few times in a row, it doesn’t mean that the lucky streak will continue.

Superwin advises betting and gaming with caution.

To protect yourself from gambling addiction, stick to a few tips:

  • Place bets only on money that you are willing to lose. If losing will lead to financial problems, there is no need to risk it;
  • Play only with money that belongs to you. Do not borrow it. This can lead to serious financial problems;
  • Determine in advance the amount of time you are willing to spend on the game. When the time limit expires, terminate the gaming session regardless of the outcome;
  • Never bet or play at a casino while intoxicated or depressed;
  • Do not make repeated deposits or increase the bet size to get back quickly;
  • Take regular breaks during extended gaming sessions. Rest for 15 minutes once an hour.

Also, try to control your emotions. If you realize that negative or positive emotions are affecting your decisions, take a break.

If you have a problem with gambling addiction, you can contact Superwin support for help. We will provide you with contacts of specialized medical centers. We can also temporarily block your account if you wish.