Official Superwin Licence

The legality of the official Superwin site is confirmed by the Curaçao licence. It was obtained from the Gaming Commission on the basis of a thorough check of the company’s financial stability and reliability.

Superwin service is a legal site.

Excluded Countries

The Curaçao licence is valid in dozens of countries around the world, including India. In these countries, the licence allows the company holding it to accept sports betting and offer online gambling. The only exceptions are some prohibited jurisdictions. These include Curaçao, the Netherlands, France, Australia and the Dutch West Indies.

A user who notices that a company is operating under a Curaçao licence in one of these countries can file a complaint with the Gaming Commission. This will be followed by an inspection. If the company is found to be in breach of the rules for using the licence, it may lose it. Before sending a complaint, please ensure that the company is not operating in a prohibited jurisdiction under another licence.

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Divestment of Brand Ownership

The Curaçao Gaming Commission does not own or manage the companies that receive a licence. We do not participate in the decisions and activities of such companies and have no direct interest in their operations. Therefore, responsibility for any actions, including illegal actions, rests entirely with the management of such a company.

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Seal Verification System

The seal verification system presented on this page allows you to quickly check the working status of a company. All materials published on this page are the intellectual property of the Curaçao Gaming Commission. It is forbidden to use, modify or copy this data without prior authorisation.

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Logos and Trademarks

The Curaçao Gaming Commission has intellectual rights to all logos, trademarks and trade names on the licence page. The exception is the logo and domain name of the company that holds the licence.

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